Credit requirements for graduation
The department curriculum has three components: Liberal education requirements(33Credits), a major(72Credits), and electives. Total Credits : 130.
Yr-Sem-R/E Course (Credit) Yr-Sem-R/E Course (Credit)
1-1-E Theory of Public Administration I(3) 1-2-E Theory of Public Administration Ⅱ(3)
2-1-R Public Personnel Administration(3)
2-1-R Government Organization Management in Modern Society(3)
2-1-E English Readings in Public Administration(3)
2-1-E Constitutional Law(3)
2-1-E General Principles of Civil Law(3)
2-1-E Government and Administration in the
2-2-R Financial Administration(3)
2-2-R Policy Science(3)
2-2-E Organizational Behavior(3)
2-2-E Research Methods(3)
2-2-E Administration Law(3)
2-2-E Bureaucracy And Government Management(3)
3-1-R Local Autonomy(3)
3-1-E Civil Society and Public G`overnance(3)
3-1-E Urban Administration(3)
3-1-E Philosophy of Public Administration(3)
3-1-E Conflict management and negotiation(3)
3-1-E Policy Analysis&Evaluation(3)
3-1-E Electronic Government and Administrative Information System(Capstone design)(3)
3-2-R Social Welfare Administration(3)
3-2-E Crisisonomy in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution(Capstone design)(3)
3-2-E InterGovernmental Relations, IGR(3)
3-2-E Statistics in Public administration(Capstone design)(3)
3-2-E Environmental Administration(3)
3-2-E A Case Study in Government Innovation (3)
3-2-E Introduction in Public audit and inspection(3)
4-1-E Introduction in Public finance and Audit(3)
4-1-E Comparative and Development Public Administration(3)
4-1-E Crisisonomy for Problem Solving in Society(3)
4-2-E Seminar in Public Administration(3)
4-2-E Social Economy Policy(Capstone design)(3)
4-2-E Gender and Public Policy(3)
4-2-E Local Industry Policy(3)
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